Booking Change & Cancellation Policy

Booking Change & Cancellation Policy

One of the core values of OrbTickets has always been to help users/ customers with the highest standards of assistance regarding flight ticket reservations. Hence, we have a dedicated policy for booking changes & cancellations with flexible and rigid elements.

One can request or process modification or cancellation of their airline reservations via phone, where users can communicate with a customer service executive. With telephonic assistance, we will entertain cancellation or modification request only when it meets the following list of criteria:

  • When passengers request modification or cancellation of their bookings with a customer service executive via phone, the supplier rules can process such requests.
  • When a request is pending with us, the airline still needs to begin the booking process.
  • Your flight doesn't fall within any special offer or deal.
  • The flight is canceled due to uncontrollable situations, such as government orders/ adverse climate/ natural calamity/ bird strike/ curfew/ any other unforeseen circumstances.

OrbTickets will only recommend customers change or cancel their existing flight reservations online if they have received a confirmation status. However, modifying or canceling a flight that is already booked falls within OrbTicket's discretion. Hence, we will not be liable or responsible for any negative impact on the booking if the passenger requests to change the original itinerary.

If the airline cancels the flight due to a poor weather scenario or a natural disaster beyond control, OrbTickets won't bear liability for any loss.

Refund Policy

All our tickets are majorly non-refundable beyond 24 hours of purchase. After 24 hours, the trip protection insurance and trip protection fee will not be refunded under any scenario. OrbTickets is liable to entertain refund requests only when it follows the conditions listed below:

  • When the customer has made a waiver or refund request with a customer service executive of our organization through a phone call, there is a leeway to process refund requests according to the fare rules.
  • Passengers have a "no-show" booking as no-show tickets have no grounds to receive refunds or waivers from service providers or suppliers.
  • If we get a hold of the end service provider or supplier and get a refund from them as requested.
  • Like any other service transaction or booking fee, the post-ticket service fee is non-refundable and subject to change without prior notice. We charge fees in addition to any other supplier-based or airline-based charges and expenses.
  • A majority of our air tickets are non-refundable. All future credits and airline refunds are subject to the airline's policy, procedure, and fare rules.